Sometimes we just want the details in our hands. Download and print any of the pdf’s for more information about particular services, opportunities and regions.

  • General Brochure Information

    A brochure with important information about Certified Folder’s services and regions for brochure rack advertisers.

  • visitortipsPRO

    Find all the information about Certified’s touchscreen travel information systems – visitortipsPRO!

  • Delivering the Power Brochures to the Internet!

    We bring the power of brochures to the Internet. Get all the details on your free listing as well as paid advertising opportunities.

  • Custom Brochure Display Racks

    In this downloadable brochure, get the dimensions, colors, styles and sizes of our custom brochure display racks.

  • Local Marketing Map

    Target thousands of local residents and families where they work, shop, or play with Certified’s Local Marketing Programs.

  • Visitor Marketing - Canada Map

    If you want to engage in a visitor marketing campaign in Canada, download this pdf to see the regions we cover in AB and BC.

  • Visitor Marketing - Northwest Map

    Our Northwest map showing our service areas for visitor marketing in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

  • Visitor Marketing - Northern California Map

    Download this printable brochure showing our service areas visitor marketing in northern California.

  • Visitor Marketing - Southern California Map

    With all the territory we cover in southern California, download this map to find which regions are best for your advertising.

  • Visitor Marketing - Nevada & Utah Map

    Our visitor marketing program in Nevada and Utah covers a lot more than Las Vegas. Download the pdf to see the coverage area.

  • Visitor Marketing - Arizona & New Mexico Map

    This pdf map shows Certified Folder’s coverage are for visitor marketing services in the state of Arizona and New Mexico.

  • Visitor Marketing - Texas & Louisiana Map

    Download this printable pdf to view Certified Folder’s coverage area in Texas & Louisiana for our Visitor Marketing program.

  • Visitor Marketing - Colorado & Nebraska Map

    With plenty to do in both summer and winter for tourists, download our coverage area map for Colorado and Nebraska.

  • Visitor Marketing - Montana, Wyoming & South Dakota Map

    Find our coverage area for visitor marketing services in Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota in this downloadable pdf.

  • Visitor Marketing - Kansas, Oklahoma & Arkansas Map

    Download the pdf here to find the service region for our Visitor Marketing Program in Kansas, Oklahoma & Arkansas.

  • AMF Scholarship Application

    Download this pdf to learn more about the Anne Marie Fearn Memorial Scholarship Award to enroll a deserving student.

  • Media Guide & Map Information

    There are tremendous advertising opportunities in our travel guides and maps. Learn more about these popular visitor material.

  • California Welcome Center

    Need to know where all the California Welcome Centers are located? This brochure gives you their location and ad pricing.

  • Oregon Welcome Centers

    Find all the specific locations and advertising details for Oregon Welcome Centers in this downloadable brochure.

  • Oregon Rest Stop Advertising Program

    Find all the information for Oregon Rest Stop Advertising Program in this downloadable brochure.

  • Tourist Systems Program Map

    View our coverage area for our Tourist System Program in this downloadable brochure and map.

  • Mossberg Print Program

    Mossberg print is an eco-friendly way to get your brochure or guide printed. They’re also very affordable. Download their info here.

  • Design Services

    Get your next brochure designed by our award-winning design team. Get all the details in this downloadable brochure.

  • Catalina Sales

    Want to promote to visitors to southern California? Get the details on our visitor marketing program for Catalina Island.

  • Washington State Ferries

    You’ll get a lot of travelers seeing your business information with our Washington State Ferries displays. Get the details here.

  • Seattle Special Advertising Programs

    Promote your business to all the top places in Seattle. Ferry terminals, airports and more. Download this pdf to get the details.

  • Airport Advertising Programs

    Promote to travelers when they arrive and are looking for things to do with our Airport Program. Get the details here.

  • BC Ferries

    British Columbia ferries offer a massive advertising opportunity. Get your brochure in front of more visitors. Download the pdf.

  • Coho Ferry System Advertising Program

    The Coho Ferries are an excellent place to promote your business. Get all the details in this downloadable brochure.

  • Visitor International - The Power of Brochures

    This 2023 research from Visitor International and Bentley University shows the Power of Brochures and how they influence visitors.

  • Print Media Predictions 2023

    Insider perspectives on the publishing, printing, paper, and advertising industries.

  • Northern California Concierge Display Flyer

    Let us help your guest discover the Greater San Francisco Area!