Effectiveness Research

The 2022 Survey Results Are In!

70% of visitors use travel brochures, maps, or guides for their trips

87% of visitors who picked up a brochure valued them and found them useful

86% were influenced in one way or another by the brochures they picked up

How Your Brochures Influences Travelers

In 2022, The Center for Marketing Technology at Bentley University in Massachusetts conducted an international survey of travelers in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Europe. They were asked questions about influences on their travel plans.

A total of 986 surveys were completed, the results of which are summarized below.

Finding Brochures – Where do visitors pick up brochures?

  • 49% Tourist/Visitor Center
  • 45% Hotel
  • 31% Attraction
  • 17% Transportation Center
  • 7% Other

How useful do visitors find brochures?:

  • Over 90% of younger millennials (aged 18-24) valued brochures
  • 35% very useful
  • 26% extremely useful
  • 19% moderately useful
  • 13% not useful
  • 9% slightly useful

How did brochures influence their trip?: 

  • 47% learned about a new service or attraction from what they read in a brochure
  • 73% shared the brochure information with someone else
  • 27% were reminded of a service or attraction from what they read in a brochure
  • 21% purchased tickets or merchandise from a business mentioned in a brochure
  • 20% altered their plans/itinerary based on what they read in their brochure
  • 61% used a mobile device to find out more about what they read in a brochure

Visitor Brochures are “Sticky”

  • 68% kept their brochures for the duration of their trip, or beyond
  • 21% kept until the visit to the business of interest
  • 8% read first before discarding
  • 3% responded ‘other’
  • 32% of travelers bring brochures home after their visit as a memento