Local Marketing Programs

Locals are looking for things to do. Promote your business to them by displaying your marketing material in our display racks. Located in seasonal sports shops, corporate cafeterias, depots, service stations, chambers of commerce and any place where locals gather.

Corporate Areas

With distribution in businesses throughout your area, Certified keeps racks stocked with your marketing material so locals find you.

Sports Shops

From ski shops in the winter to sporting goods stores in the summer, promote your business to those who are most likely to use you.

Promote to Locals in Your Market

Find them at work: Target thousands of locals in key western markets at some of America’s best known companies including Boeing, Intel, AT&T, Northrop Grumman, Callaway and TaylorMade. Our display racks are located in employee cafeterias and recreation areas so your information is always at hand when employees are planning their next outing, company meeting, or family vacation. Options are available for both brochure rack placement and travel guide advertising with over 600 locations available.

Find them at play: Connect with sports-oriented individuals through distribution at major sporting goods stores or ski shops. Reach your best prospects year-round or seasonally. During winter months, this program is ideal for promoting to ski resorts, lodges and condominium rental services. In the summer, emphasis changes to whitewater rafting, fishing, camping, and outdoor adventure. Both brochure and publication distribution available with over 900 locations available.

Promote to Locals in Your Market

With brochure racks and digital displays in employee cafeterias and recreation areas, your information is always at hand when employees are planning their next outing, company meeting, or family vacation. We also distribute to seasonal sporting goods stores like ski shops and camping stores. We have both brochure and publication distribution available in over 900 locations.


Our local marketing program extends from the Rocky Mountains to the coast and even in the Pacific Northwest and Southwest. Target local consumers with your marketing material at work and play.

Local Marketing Coverage Areas


With distribution in 34 winter sites and 32 summer sites throughout British Columbia and Alberta, promote your business to sports enthusiasts all year long.


Covering Washington, Oregon and Idaho, promote your business to local residents and sports enthusiasts throughout the Northwestern United States.


Reach out to more locals and athletes in Northern California with rack locations among many of the top corporations and sporting goods stores.


With more racks and digital kiosks among major corporations, sporting goods stores and ski shops than any other region, distribute your brochures throughout Southern California.


Certified has plenty of winter and summer sports programs throughout Nevada and Utah so you can target the very people who are likely to buy from you.


Arizona has 52 rack locations throughout the Phoenix area so you can reach and get your marketing material in the hands of more locals who want your services.


Reach locals in 39 corporate locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area and 36 sites throughout Houston. Distribute to sports enthusiasts throughout Texas in both winter and summer.


We have both corporate and sports distribution throughout Colorado so you can reach locals and sports enthusiasts with your promotional material in the summer and winter.

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