Washington State Ferries

Advertise your business information in our brochure racks and LCD displays at terminals and onboard Washington State Ferries.

Reach Millions of Residents and Visitors Who Ride Washington State’s #1 Attraction Each Year!

Since 1992, Certified Folder Display Service, Inc. has provided display advertising opportunities in terminals and onboard Washington State Ferries.

The rack displays combine digital media with brochure and magazine distribution! All displays will include 42”-46” LCD HDTV screens allowing advertisers to showcase their message and encourage prospects to pick-up a brochure or magazine!

Washington State Ferries advertising provides a tremendous opportunity for any business or organization interested in reaching the nearly 23 million residents and visitors who ride Washington State Ferries each year!


Lots of opportunities are available in high-traffic areas for brochures, guides and digital advertising. Click on our program guide to see which programs are right for you.