How does Certified's distribution
service work?

Once an advertiser selects a distribution area, and service program, then determines the period of distribution, they simply provide us with a supply of brochures and we do the rest! Our professional staff distributes the brochures to all locations, and restocks on a regular basis.

Where does Certified provide service?

Certified maintains display racks in over 22,000 locations throughout Western and Central United States, as well as western Canada.

What types of distribution programs does Certified offer?

Our primary distribution programs are designed to reach visitors and the traveling public. But we also offer service to major companies and corporations, as well as retail sporting goods stores.

Does Certified offer any specialized or custom distribution programs?

Yes, we offer a number of specialized distribution programs that include the following:

  • Washington State Ferries
  • BC Ferries
  • California Welcome Centers
  • Major Airports

What if I don’t have a brochure and need help with design and printing?

Certified has an award winning, cost effective “in-house” design department, and can assist with all your design needs including brochures, magazines, logos, business cards, annual reports, media kits and websites!

We also offer low cost print options through several print partners including Precision Litho, Rack Printing Services, and Southwest Offset Printing. Call for a print quote today!

How can I be assured my brochure will be distributed to Certified’s racks?

Our name “Certified” means we certify each delivery by obtaining a verification signature from a location employee or a date/time scan each time a rack is serviced. This is your “Certified” assurance of effective and reliable service!

Do Certified’s distribution rates
include storage?

Yes, typically there is no extra charge for storage of your brochure at any of our warehouse facilities. Storage for excess quantities is available at a nominal charge.

How about exposure for my brochure on
the Internet?

Yes, it’s included at no additional charge for most distribution clients at Visitortips.com!

What If I need service outside Certified’s distribution areas, can you help?

Yes, we are members of the International Association of Professional Brochure Distributors, and can recommend other companies like ours that operate throughout the World! Visit www.IAPBD.com for more information.

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